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Expert Income Tax Preparation
With Kindness & Concern
My History...
I was H&R Block's youngest Tax Preparer way back in 1979 at the age of 18.  Don't ask me why I've always been obsessed with numbers!
But I'm grateful for those "olden years" when we did your taxes by hand--Because it means I UNDERSTAND taxes in a way that's become almost obsolete nowadays in this computerized age.  
Not that  I don't take full advantage  of outstanding and secure tax software!  But I do an excellent job  on your taxes from many angles... Hunting for EVERY deduction you're entitled too!...  And fully EXPLAINING  your tax situation--Because I understand taxes!   
And I will plan ahead with you for the next and future years--To hopefully reduce your taxes not just THIS year--But in the years to come!  True concern always involves looking ahead; doing our best to prevent unwanted SURPRISES--And maximize savings in the future!
If you're not sure what that "E.A." means by my name--Don't let the full title scare you!   "Enrolled to Practice Before the IRS" (or "Enrolled Agent") means I've been tested more strenuously in taxes than  a CPA is**.  I am not a CPA--and don't have their "all around" education in things like auditing large corporations.  Instead I've chosen to focus more specifically on TAXES--and our testing as enrolled agents is more strenuous in the specific area of income taxes.  My credential as an "E.A." most certainly does not mean I work for the IRS--Indeed I work exlusively for my clients!  But it means I can represent clients at an audit  like a CPA would do (without the client being present), or handle an appeal or collection issue.
When the IRS used to score this test, I had some of the highest scores in the country.  These high scores represent my commitment to excellence in all that I do!  But much more important than that, are the PEOPLE I work for.  You can count on me to truly care about your tax situation  (I think about my client's situations day & night!)  I'll go the extra mile to help in every way I can--While keeping my prices as LOW as possible!  
**on the "CPA Exam" (Uniform Certified Public Accountants Exam)